#40: Queer and Pregnant

Katie Breen
Monday, April 29, 2019
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Katie speaks with Jenna Brown, the queer doula behind Love Over Fear Wellness & Birth. They discuss what it means to doula for queer folks, what clinical and personal challenges queer pregnant people may encounter in the birth process, and ways that healthcare workers (and really, all of us!) can better care for queer parents. Jenna provides fantastic resources for queer AND non-queer parents-to-be, including why and how to hire a doula for childbirth, and where to find their new work-book, Queer + Pregnant: A Pregnancy Journal.

You can find Jenna at @loveoverfearwellness on Instagram and Facebook, or on their website, loveoverfearwellness.com.

Links to resources Jenna mentioned in the interview:

- Jenna's workbook on Amazon: Queer + Pregnancy: A Pregnancy Journal

- Adrienne Maree Brown: site

- Trystan Reese: on Instagram @biffandi // the professional trainings Trystan helped create

- Angela Gallo: @the_angela_gallo on IG // Angela's website

- Girls Rock Philly: site

- Masculine Birth Ritual Podcast: site //  the host, Grover’s article

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