#31: Bodies in the Media and Why Representation Matters

Katie Breen
Monday, August 13, 2018
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Katie interviews Lindley Ashline, founder of stock photography website Representation Matters. Lindley explains why it's so important that we see representations of diverse bodies in the media, and how she uses her platform to create stock imagery featuring people in all types of bodies - large bodies, brown and black bodies, bodies belonging to LGBTQIA+ folks, aging bodies, disabled bodies, tattooed bodies, and more. Lindley also explains how and why businesses and content creators can and should use these types of images in their work, and why it's important that ALL of us diversify the types of bodies we expose ourselves to on social media. 

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Show Notes: 

- The Health at Every Size Movement 

- Meredith Noble's list of body-positive Instagram accounts  

- Jes Baker's "135 Ways to Diversify Your Instagram Feed"

- Link to the GoFundMe for Katie's Harvard tuition