#29: What is a Sex Coach?

Katie Breen
Friday, June 22, 2018
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Katie interviews Brianna Rader, founder of Juicebox, a company whose mission is to get people talking about sex, dating, and relationships. 

In the episode, they discuss what a sex coach is, who can benefit from working with one (hint: EVERYONE), and the types of topics they help people contend with. As Brianna discusses, you don't need to have a "problem" or be in a crisis to use a sex coach - even if your sex life, dating life, or relationship is great, you can always make it better, improve communication (inside the bedroom and out), deepen your intimacy or pleasure, and explore new things! It's like having a personal trainer - you might already be in great shape, but there's always more improvement to be had. 

They also discuss Juicebox's iOS app, a platform that offers free resources for people who want to learn more about sex, dating, and relationships from experts (and peers), as well as an extremely AFFORDABLE service that connects you with a professional coach you can chat with on demand, 7 days a week. Listeners of Femtastic can even try out coaching for FREE. Listen to the episode to learn more!

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About Brianna:

Brianna Rader is the Founder and CEO of Juicebox, an app that provides 1-on-1 sex, dating, and relationship coaching anonymously. She has worked in sex education for 6 years and started her career providing sex education to college students in the state of Tennessee. Her first experience was quite controversial--leading to the state defunding her organization and legally condemning her. She received an MSc. in Global Health from UC-San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter at @BriRader.

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