#23: WTF is Mindful Birth?

Katie Breen
Tuesday, December 19, 2017
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Katie interviews Rebecca Peterson, a childbirth mentor who helps parents prepare for labor through birth preparation classes and prenatal yoga. Rebecca explains what it means to mindfully prepare for childbirth, how parents can explore their unique desires for the birth of their babies, and why it is important for parents to be solution-focused rather outcome-focused when it comes to childbirth (spoiler alert: your "birth plan" might go awry - and that's okay). In the interview, Katie and Rebecca also discuss birth shaming and how language plays a role in how parents view childbirth. In particular, they discuss the stigma surrounding Cesareans and medical pain relief (like epidurals), and how we can reframe the conversation to combat these taboos and support mothers - no matter what their childbirth journey looks like.

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